Corporate video for the Autovivo dealership website

Corporate video for the Autovivo dealership website

Introduction of the Drone to the Audiovisual world!

Corporate video for the Autovivo dealership website

Finished the corporate video made with a drone for the used car company Autovivo.

What are the advantages of recording aerial images with drones?

More and more companies and professionals are choosing to hire a drone company or an audiovisual production company that has this tool. They are essential for making corporate videos, advertising spots, filming or even events. In fact, film and television were the first to take advantage of the use of drones, along with advertising.

The main advantage of using drones in audiovisual recordings is that it offers us a totally new perspective. A focus, a look that until now had been impossible. That is, it allows us to see that sequence from another perspective, and that enriches the audiovisual story.

But the second advantage, and closely related to this one, is that it makes it easier to take pictures from a bird's eye view. Until now, when you wanted to offer images from a bird's eye view or from above, you had to outsource services such as helicopter rental. Which was really expensive, not to say that the shooting was technically much more complicated. Drones have made this much easier and that is why we say that they have socialized the bird's eye view.


Benefits of drone images


Apart from these two great advantages, drone images offer us the following benefits:

  • Very high quality images.
  • Images from multiple perspectives.
  • Indoor and outdoor filming
  • They generate new emotions to the viewer
  • professional aerial photography
  • cost reduction
  • Greater efficiency

The advantages of the drone for audiovisual production are enormous. Although it is true that the drone has made recording much easier, it is also true that you have to know how to use it. The same goes for professional cameras. We need a professional to be able to capture images of great value that serve us and that meet the audiovisual objective that we pursue. For this, we always recommend contacting a company specialized in shooting with drones. With drones you can make all kinds of videos, you just need to let your imagination run wild. You can take pictures of a corporate event to post on the website. You can record the sequences of an advertisement that we will publish on the Internet or that we will show on television. Or even images of our products, for example in the case of a real estate agency, to be able to offer images from many perspectives to our clients. Without a doubt, the drone is here to stay.

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